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#ISWAP Takes Responsibility for Sunday Attack on the Nigerian Army

Islamic State West Africa #ISWAP has taken responsibility for the attack on the Nigerian Army on Sunday in Metele.

As investigated by Ahmad Sakilda (who reports mostly on Boko Haram);

Ahmad Salkida on Twitter

ISWAP in Al-Naba news confirmed that it carried out attacks on a military base in Metele, on 18th and a second one on 19th/20th, when the military went to collect the fallen comrades. In all, the terror group claimed to have killed 100 soldiers. THREAD

Ahmad Salkida on Twitter

What is most alarming is, #IS weekly infographic on its operations (persons killed and injured etc.) in Al-Naba weekly magazine in Arabic. The week of 15 to 21st November, #ISWAP was clearly the 1st in the world in all of #IS Wilaya for the number of dead and wounded.

Ahmad Salkida on Twitter

On the infographic 2nd is Iraq, 3rd is Sham, 4th is Khorasan, 5th, East Asia, 6th is Sinai. The rating varies, depending on the attacks in the week. But it is now clear that ISWAP has a growing strategic partnership beyond media collaboration with #ISIS. Are we still in doubt?

Ahmad Salkida on Twitter

If the current trend of recruitments and attacks continues, #ISWAP looks set to be the most lethal branch of #IS in the world. The pace of recruitment today, is almost similar to 2013/14. Today, there is a competition to join Jihadi herd between Nigerians and Francophone youths.

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A young Nigerian Chiedu just died, a vibrant one, one of those that was filled with the energy of the body and mind. The hurt of losing a vibrant young Nigerian under preventable circumstances is one of sadness, gloom and anger for the system that permits such. A system that sees no dignity and respect for human life; one that makes no effort to set preventive measures to stop deaths, evil and accidents from happening.

It is this same hurt that consumed me when Aluu4 happened in Rivers State. That case was painful because just like Chiedu today and every other young Nigerian who dies unfulfilled, it could have been anyone, it could have been me or any members of my family. It is this system that keeps consuming and sending our young Nigerians to the grave untimely, cutting short destinies, shattering dreams, expectations of friends and family.

This same hurt for Chiedu is what I felt some 4 years ago when Alozie Awuzie my friend passed on in a motor accident caused by bad roads and delayed attendance by medical personnel. It is this same hurt that consumed many young Nigerians about Eric, a talented songwriter who was cut short by similar circumstances. It is this same hurt that consumed me and my peers from Federal Government Boys’ College, Abuja for the loss of Kennedy Kenechukwu just last year while serving his country.

The hurt consumes all, it consumes anyone who understands what it means to lose a loved one, family, friend or a person whom you have made plans to do greater things in the future. The hurt is real for those who are humane in mind and spirit and it is high time we start showing our humanity as a people by setting measures to prevent untimely deaths. Every death trap from the past needs to be fixed, dealt with, addressed and shaky grounds made stronger.

Chiedu: The Hurt of Losing a Millennial

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