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Practical Insights to Miracle Marriage (Video)

Another edition from our Sparks from Zion and hope this makes a difference for you. Today we will be sharing Practical Insights to Miracle Marriage as shared by Pastor Isaac Oyedepo. The video of the message is equally attached at the end of this piece.

Marriage is a good thing, let’s not forget that. Let’s get on with practical insights to miracle marriage.

  1. It takes love for God and His Kingdom to be married. Rom. 8:28, Matt. 6:33. When you commit to God’s cause, He will also commit to yours.
  2. It takes a desire to be married. You have to desire it and long for it. Also, the earlier the better even though many think they have time.


  1. It takes the favour of God. Pro. 18:22. Man and woman both need the favour of God. The man finds and the woman is found. Favour locates favour; we all need favour.
  2. It takes faithfulness and trustworthiness. Pro.20:6. It takes faithfulness to find one who is faithful.
  3. It takes letting go of your past to be married. Phil.3:13-14, 2Cor.5:17. If anyone is in Christ, he is new and old things pass away. Paul describes what he does to forget those things that are behind and always pressing forward. Satan is a master accuser but in Christ everything is new.
  4. It takes a Covenant Mindset to be married. Gen.1:27-28, 2:21-25. In every man is a woman. When Adam came Eve came along but when Adam was ready God brought Eve. Adam was already working; you need a job/work.
  5. It takes availability to be married. Pro.18:22. The woman must be findable and the man must be looking.
  6. It takes maturity to be married. Gen.2:24.
  7. It takes humility. If you are looking for made-man then you are not part of the making. Pro.18:22. You are looking for already made-men, many made-men are married.
  8. It takes faith in God and His anointed.

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