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History: INEC Trend for #OsunDecides2018

For the purpose of history, we are documenting the outcome of the Osun State Gubernatorial elections 2018 and reactions from Nigerians about the conduct of Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC).

While there are reactions on various quarters, many believe that the outcome of the election was rigged to favour the All Progressives Congress (APC) to the chagrin of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) despite having a clear lead proved by the sentiments of Osun people.

See the INEC trend below;

INEC is disturbed about reports that accredited media and observers are being arrested or prevented from operating in some polling units. This is being taken up with the security agencies.   -INEC

If INEC announces any result in Osun, its credibility has been thrown to the dogs. People have worked tirelessly for a day like this not to happen. This is taking us back to 2003&2007 the hey days of the PDP rigging machine. Yar’Adua & GEJ cleaned up the process. Now see








If INEC could cancel the Rivers run off election due to irregularities, there is absolutely no justification for not cancelling the Osun State rerun election. None whatsoever! -Nicholas Ibekwe

INEC Chair in heated exchange with security Chiefs . Directs that ALL accredited observers and media be given immediate access. AIT reporters now granted access following call from the INEC HQ.







The strategy for the Osun rerun 1. Attack and blackmail INEC 2. Threaten to boycott to weaken APC’s preparation 3. Import thugs to disrupt process whilst supporters accuse the APC on social media 4. Fake news..fake news..fake news



Just 7 polling units. No observers allowed…No PDP Agents…No pressmen..No suspected PDP voters…Only INEC & APC people. This supplementary election is far worse than INEC‘s poorest performance. The plan is to enthrone APC & whoever is aggrieved can go to court. 😷









What happened today isn’t democracy but “demo-coup”. D only thing is that there won’t be martial songs played at d end. by its conducts confirms its graduation from Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, to All Progressives Electoral Commission, APEC.


I’m kinda happy APC stole . Imagine if PDP had won..The parasites would have gone to town about how Buhari is fair to opposition & does not interfere with elections..how INEC is the best under Buhari. Expo: One bombshell is coming..APC should brace themselves. -Babasola Kuti







Police and Army prevent PDP agents from watching polling booths.APC thugs threaten and beat PDP voters.Journalists and election observers prevented from monitoring process.APC openly bribing voters with 100,000 naira. Is this an election?  -Fani-Kayode



APC 132 – PDP 2 Just reminds me of the famous SCAM Football match: India 100 – 1 Nigeria😂




If INEC declare APC winner of , it simply means: INEC is an enemy of the Nigerian people, Police is an enemy of the Nigerian people, NA is an enemy of the Nigerian people, APC is an enemy of the Nigerian people, and they will do worst in 2019 Elections.

The APC has three cap colours or headties to identify their members and sympathisers – if you’re not wearing those colours, they prevent you from accessing the PUs. They started it but our people are on it.



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