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Imo 2019: Even a Mad man Knows Rochas Okorocha Is Going to Prison (Video)

Rochas Okorocha happens to be the governor to have been in the news for a lack of proactive leadership, nepotism, hypocrisy, tyranny and a replica of what Nigerians complain about in the Federal Government.

In this video a mad man on the street of Owerri (along Wetheral road) shares with good understanding and verbiage the undoings of Rochas Okorocha in Imo state.

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Whenever Osun State is mentioned in our national discourse, what comes to mind for the vast majority, is the picture of a state that owes salaries and where nothing works. Those in the know, know that while salary issues exist, the administration of the day has succeeded to a very large and appreciable extent, in fulfilling its contract with the people. For those who claim, otherwise, pay a visit to the state and confirm for yourself, the truth or falsehood of these claims.

Developing Rivers State by Piriye Amachree


At the wake of his election as governor of Imo state, Nigeria, Owelle Rochas Okorocha boasted that he will surpass the records of Dee Sam Mbakwe (first executive governor) who laid the foundation of what Imo state is today. Most structures in the capital city were done by this man way back in the seventies. If Sam Mbakwe’s record was his yardstick for governance it then means we were deceived to believe he was going to offer 21st-century leadership based on the record of a 20th-century leader.

Rochas Okorocha: The Truth Must be Told




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