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IGP Invites Saraki for Further Investigation on Offa Robbery

The Inspector General Of Police Ibrahim Idris has requested that the Senate President Bukola Saraki report at the Force Intelligence Response Team Headquarters in Guzape, Abuja.

This summon is in connection with the robbery at Offa, Kwara State that took place on April 5th, 2018.

The IG of Police signed a statement on Monday 23rd July 2018 stating that the information provided by Senate President Bukola Saraki was not satisfactory.

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“I am personally not against keeping animals at zoos, as they serve a huge educational purpose, but treating them well and with respect seem the least we could do…” -Anonymous 

On entering the Makurdi Zoological Garden, I nearly looked around for a hearse. It seemed what was expected to be seen were tombstones and decaying flowers. Was this a zoo? It seemed dead to me. I came here to have a good time not feel remorse for animals. Their situation was pitiful not only was the place looking dilapidated; the animals were skinny, their ribs calling attentions to it, their cages were untidy, I couldn’t stand the stench at the hyenas section. What was that on the floor my mind boggled me? I dreaded a second look; I might just upset my stomach.

The zoo looked like an abandoned research facility, it had a haunted feeling. At the lions section the lioness was so starved she could barely move, she laid do all day, and we went and came back and went and came back. She still lay down, breathing slowly, her contrasted stomach going up and down as her lungs expanded and deflated. I heard they were two lions before but the male was starved to its death (warning! this is hearsay)



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