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i will exalt you hillsong mp3

I Will Exalt You (MP3) Download by Hillsong

The beauty of Christianity and the conviction we enjoy is to learn and understand why we must exalt and give Him the Glory. This song I Will Exalt You Lord by Hillsong is powerful.

Hillsong in their usual nature pours out their deep conviction in the words and lyrics of this song. I will Exalt You remains a classic from this anointed group of worshippers.

It remains timeless and for many who truly desire Jesus More. Those who understand the Christian understand that God wants to praised and magnified by His Creation.

I Will Exalt You will bless you life. Watch and download below;


Nigerians generally are known for early gratification; in life, business, politics, religion and otherwise. Other nations like Singapore went through hard times of living in fear as the British army was leaving South East Asia, America fought a civil war and many countries had to go through a phase of bloodletting, killings and paying the price of freedom ultimately. The loss of jobs; the economy, the siege of violence, the Boko Haram incursion is not to be blamed on anyone but on us as Nigerians. We all are affected and the rules of life recognize that this is a Nigerian problem.

Studying history all these were the creation of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and in 16 years nothing was done to address rising poverty for instance. Nigeria had 112 million poor while earning so much from oil revenues and relative peace. Today, the reverse is the case as oil prices dropped, violence created in the Niger Delta reduced oil production (though handled by the administration) and poverty being addressed everyday by this government. Nigeria is experiencing something that has never occurred in 16 years since PDP took the saddle of Nigeria’s leadership in Nigeria. Yes, we overtook India in poverty but that country is now a major tech hub and that started many years ago. The programme to develop their country was not started in 2015 or even 1999 and same as China and many countries of the world. Such programs start yielding benefits when it is run for at least 5 years and for Nigeria we have many sabotaging the efforts of government.

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