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“I can bring naira back to normal”. -Ifeanyi Uba

For the sake of good men who served honourably their nations and did well doing it, our politicians need to help the electorates and be fair to ordinary Nigerians. Politics is not a call to lies, deceit, double standards and shallowness of the depth of speech and assertions. Don’t play on our intelligence because you think you have reached a privileged position; are you any better than the Abraham Lincolns, Nelson Mandelas, Sir Winston Churchills,  and many others who thrived even in the midst of world’s greatest challenges. If your honour is not in it then you have no respect from people like me who respect esteemed moral values that other sane societies pride over.

-Emeka Azubuike

Ifeanyi Uba and Chairman of Capital Oil and Gas came on Channels Television Politics Today to share his thoughts on prevailing economic situations and also reveal the activities of a group he led during the 2015 general elections, Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria (TAN). On the foreign exchange challenge he said the Bureau De Change are not to blame and further stated that if President Buhari would consult him, he has the business acumen and plan to restore the value of the naira within a month.

“Look at the economy, look at the position of the naira today; some of us have ideas on how we can restore this. Do you know how many Burea De Change people whose food has been taken out of their families because of this? If you say they are the ones causing it, then where are you today?”

“It needs strategic management. It won’t take me one month, if you give me part of that consultancy, naira would come back to 200. I can bet my life with it, naira would come back to N200. If you call me for that consultancy, I would put naira back to 200.”

This is someone who ran for the gubernatorial election in Anambra state so one would assume that he should care about his people who are mostly businessmen and women to be concerned about the dollar price and the naira value. On what values did he run for election if he needs to be consulted to help restore the economy? That’s if he has what it takes to do so. It is really unfortunate that we have people who attained such heights still think the way the do.

On the activities of Transformation Ambassadors of Nigeria he said their interests was about helping to curb what was happening in Nigeria citing an example of Boko Haram. He stated TAN is a non-political organization yet we all were witnesses to the massive mobilization for the PDP in support of Goodluck Jonathan’s second term in office.

This is a case of where the Igbo say ‘people speaking with two sides of their mouth’. He also confidently asked the Channels presenter if people know how he made is money before he came to Nigeria and added that we should wait for his book. If he can’t coherently narrate what happened within just a year ago, how then can he tell us the true story of his wealth?

Nigeria deserves better than this. We need honour in the corridors of power. In fact after attaining a certain level you need to be doubly accountable to a greater extent if you are going to be dealing with the public; as a public servant or business person.

May we learn our lessons on time because history is being made each moment and everyday that passes by and a younger generation is available to open the scrolls and recount it for future generations to come.

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