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The Hardest Job in the World

Sometimes ago I was going through some political videos on YouTube just to keep abreast with history and how it is being played out in my country Nigeria. I came across one that seemed boring, long and way too political. It was the ministerial screening of our own Mr. Femi Fani-Kayode where he was emphatically telling the then-Senate President Ken Nnamani that in his capacity as special adviser to President Obasanjo he had a job to do, and was bound by the office to do his job.

That statement got me thinking and pointed me to an interesting issue and opened my eyes to the situation Mr. Fani-Kayode might have found himself in. This is me trying to figure out what was actually in another man’s mind by virtue of a statement he made. I will draw out two quick illustrations or better put explain two things.

Firstly, a job and what a job is. You are employed, asked, delegated to carry out an assignment for which you are being paid for. Your employer can afford to tell you to do anything since he is the one paying for such service. He has the cookie. For the job of a special adviser or assistant it is even more difficult and for other jobs where you have to represent your boss; in speeches, expressions, arguments, defense, lies, truths and making those his leading feel good. In essence, you are trying to get into your boss’ mind and say what he would say or asked you to say.

Quickly and secondly, we all have a conscience that works daily for those who still have a good and godly one. Otherwise, you can do any kind of job. Our conscience works based on our knowledge of what is good or evil, worthy or worthless, noble or vain; in any case, it checks what you think, say or do.

Putting it all together, if you are in a position of defending another, in actions, misdeeds, and deeds, with a conscience that speaks the truth, you will surely find yourself wrestling with your conscience. You have to tell the public a lie to make your boss look good so you could keep your job.

It is, therefore, a threefold battle; the reputation of your boss, your conscience and retaining the job that puts food on your table. Sincerely I pray not to be in such a situation but if I have to be my prayer is for the wisdom of God to be practically present to lead me. Also, those you are talking to (the public) won’t see it in the light that you have to do your job or under instructions to say what you said. You then find yourself taking another person’s bullet.

Finally, this piece was done to paint the picture of its title and not in any way insinuating that the characters mentioned found themselves in such situations.

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