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GoFundMe: How Much 2019 Presidential Candidates Are Raising

Presidential elections and elections generally come with fundraising and Nigeria cannot be an exception. The New Presidential Candidates are doing theirs with technology (GoFundMe) different from what we use to know about the old guard of leaders.

Such funds done by crowdfunding (GoFundMe) are also public knowledge; some of them can be found below; 


GoFundMe has become a major tool for raising money for different causes from health, humanitarian, education and political purposes. 


As far as they were concerned, they brought me into this world and they can as well take me out if I fail to comply. Before you start perceiving them as villains, kindly understand the formwork that forged them. The society then was very passive & compliant. #BreakingBarriers

It was a period where working in the civil service was an achievement. The attainment of the status of middle class. Which simply means fairer poverty state of mind, where you can afford to feed your family, pay school fees, rents & hope to live long. #BreakingBarriers

My mum was a retired teacher (civil servant still) and my dad an Executive Civil Servant as called then. He was part of the leading team that opened up Abuja as FCT. Himself & other colleagues were lodged in Nicon Noga Hilton (Now TranscorpHilton) #BreakingBarriers

#EndSARS Campaign Convener Segun ‘@Segalink’ Shares His Story #BreakingBarriers

Another November 19th is here again and from all indications I have many reasons to be grateful for life, family, friends and all those who have one way or the other been connected to me. This is not simply because it is my birth day but this day right from the year 1988 was ordained to be special for me and my family alike.

November 19, 1988 was a Saturday that had my mum and dad exchange marriage vows to build a home that many today are proud of. And the following November 19, 1989 as God would have it I was born as the first gift of that marriage and sure this was not a coincidence. The union of 1988 was of course blessed with many more wonderful gifts (children) that are even more blessings to the family.


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