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“Festus Keyamo (SAN) You are A Liar” -Anenih

The Director of Strategic Communications for President Muhammadu Buhari campaign Festus Keyamo has been labelled and detailed as a liar by Mr. Ose Anenih.

Festus Keyamo went of Channels TV Sunrise Daily to say that Forbes Africa said Nigeria is the best-performing country in Africa.

To his chagrin as Strategic Communicator in working to re-elect President Muhammadu Buhari, satirist maestro, Ose Anenih who tweets from Papadonkee was waiting for him.


The VAR was zoomed to the limit that Festus Keyamo cannot sue him but simply accept himself to be a liar.

Take a look;

Ose Anenih on Twitter

Ah! Almost forgot. @fkeyamo you are a liar. Now before you sue me let me explain. A liar tells lies right? You told a lie on @sunrisedailynow when – during a debate with @SpokesManAtiku – you claimed that @forbesafrica said Nigeria is “…the best performing economy in Africa

Ose Anenih on Twitter

You also claimed that …the results came out two or theee weeks ago”, another flat-out lie. Remember that a liar is someone who tells lies, right? Let’s go to Twitter VAR. Please listen from the 45 second mark: https://t.co/gKdPZgUb9q


Ose Anenih on Twitter

You’re a liar because @forbesafrica never rated Nigeria the best performing anything two or three weeks ago. A CONTRIBUTED article was published in @forbesafrica by a PR firm called @penresa_mc in April, 6 months ago. Articles by Forbes are clearly indicated.


Ose Anenih on Twitter

So, who are Penresa? In simple terms they are Red Media with international exposure. They are a PR firm who help promote their “emerging market” clients. They boast of having “a long history of working closely with government agencies…in promoting success stories.


Ose Anenih on Twitter

How closely have they worked with Nigerian government agencies? Well, they say a picture is worth a thousand words:


Ose Anenih on Twitter

Festus the Boy! (SAN). This one na straight red card. But because I don’t want to be sued, let’s agree you lied out of ignorance. It happens to the best of us. And my Twitter people, if I receive summons to appear in court please contribute to my gofundme account.

Nigerians are ready to respond.

hotnikkle on Twitter

@Papadonkee @fkeyamo @sunrisedailynow @SpokesManAtiku @forbesafrica Drag him to the abyss my convener.bloody liars


Ose Anenih on Twitter

@hotnikkle @fkeyamo @sunrisedailynow @SpokesManAtiku @forbesafrica If they sue me you must contribute o! 😂😂😂


hotnikkle on Twitter

@Papadonkee @fkeyamo @sunrisedailynow @SpokesManAtiku @forbesafrica We will not only contribute,we will trend hashtag and follow you to any court in the world they take you to in solidarity.we must bust their lies


Ose Anenih on Twitter

@hotnikkle @fkeyamo @sunrisedailynow @SpokesManAtiku @forbesafrica My preferred hashtag is #FreePapaD


Samuel O. Atoe on Twitter

@Papadonkee @MrStanleyNwabia @fkeyamo @sunrisedailynow @SpokesManAtiku @forbesafrica Before he started ‘collecting’

Festus Keyamo is a decorated Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).

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