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Fela Durotoye Is an Embarrassment to Contextual Leadership

Mr Fela Durotoye has prided himself as being so many things from motivational speaker to consultant to public speaker and in all these one concept was common; leadership. He also went further in his speaking engagements to talk about Nigeria and the need for a leadership shift from one generation to another. I can remember vividly his words that Nigeria will be the most desirable nation to live in 2025 and I still believe these words like the Words of Scriptures.

However, in discussing leadership, consulting for companies with a larger focus on Nigeria, Fela Durotoye failed to understand the contextual leadership beyond the banks and international organizations he was creating value for and making money for himself. In one of his exposition about his leadership vision for Nigeria and the year 2025, Fela Durotoye in the presence of people like Godman Akinlabi, Niyi Adesanya, Kingsley Okoronkwo said that him and his friends will be among the cadre of those deciding who will mount political leadership in Nigeria. Now, that connotes a position of priesthood or pastoring as most those present were pastors. Little did we know that Fela Durotoye had political ambitions without developing himself in the contextual leadership of politics, economy and governance as it is peculiar to Nigeria.

In one of his many interviews Fela Durotoye said some things that were unfortunate for someone that has been speaking on leadership in Nigeria. He said that money will fail in 2010 on Channels Politics Today with Seun, he said that every policeman should be trained in such a way that they can catch a thief on foot on the Couch and these are many more are embarrassing for the level he has attained in this generation. The video that a tout-like individual took his microphone from him is still out there and if he had money he would have run a campaign to shield such embarrassment.

While many who believe in him think that this is trial for the seat of the President, I think that the preparedness is rather embarrassing for his intellect, speech and the power of thoughts. Did he read books on Nigeria’s politics, read the newspapers or thread on Twitter that we publish regularly on this platform. No disrespect to Fela Durotoye but his outing and shaking at the Presidential Debate caps it all that he was forced into a race that he never intended to run or one against the calling of God for his life. Fela Durotoye we all thought was from Lagos state until in 2018 he visited Ekiti State to take a picture in a mud house which I think is either misplaced and not wise for one trying to run for President. The elections came in Ekiti he left for Atlanta, USA. Let me ask; what are Nigerians who not live in the US (asides Yele Sowore) doing in diaspora? Even Sowore that lives there has criss-crossed the country more than them yet they want to unseat President Muhammadu Buhari who as a one party man had 12 million votes in 2011.

As much as 2019 is already decided for the APC, it is worthy that the next generation learns about these and understand how politics works. Even if some rejoice for knowing this, no one or myself personally won’t want to be overworked when there are many capable Nigerians who can be tutored to play the game as well.

I have always said humorously that Fela Durotoye will not get more than 1,000 votes and I mean every word of it. He needs to go back to the table and ask his supporters if they have voters’ card and if they will step out and vote for him. Nigeria is a big country made up of poor people who have been used as tools to win and retain power but in 2019 the case is different with the campaign of President Muhammadu Buhari. We are about to enter another phase for the next generation of Nigerian leaders but FD cannot make that list as it is today; he cannot handle the gimmicks and play of politics. He has a lot to learn beyond the power to awe with words.

This Nigeria belongs to all of us and I wish him well in his political endeavours.

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