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Ex-Governor of Ekiti Ayo Peter Fayose.

South-West Release Statement on Fayose’s Detention in EFCC

The South-West Chapter of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has issued a statement regarding the prolonged detention of Ekiti ex-Governor Ayo Fayose by the EFCC.

The party leadership decried the close to 48 hours detention of Ayo Fayose who the graft commission said have concluded investigations on him.

The PDP equally asked that he be charged to court for the determination of the cases of corruption levelled against him. The Statement reads;




We note with concern that the EFCC continues to hold in its custody immediate past Governor of Ekiti State, Dr Ayo Fayose who submitted himself to the Agency yesterday. Our concern is dictated by the fact that months ago, EFCC claimed that it has concluded its investigations and was merely waiting for Fayose to end his tenure and drop his immunity so that he could be arraigned.

It’s now going to 48 hours that he submitted to the agency and he is still being held incommunicado, this development immediately put a lie to the claim that EFCC is actually working in public interest but merely playing a partisan card as attested to by its unfortunate tweet in the immediate aftermath of the Ekiti election.

We therefore hold firmly that if Fayose is not charged to court immediately to answer to whatever charges against him, then it will be very clear that the Buhari administration is merely using the EFCC to intimidate, harass and punish him in the most unjust manner. It will add to the long list of such petty vendetta that have been initiated, prosecuted and sustained by this same administration against some Nigerians that are not in the good books of the President, this clearly is an abuse of power which ordinarily should be beneath the scope of a busy President.

It is sad that at a time Nigerians are wallowing in abject penury, when institutions are failing and insecurity is thriving that this Buhari administration still have enough time to pursue vendetta against citizens. In this regard we easily recall Buhari’s “technical victory” over Boko Haram, yet it remains potent enough kidnap our women and girls, decimate our communities and wage war on the nation. Just yesterday another aid worker, Hauwa was executed by Boko Haram and all President Buhari could do is place an impotent phone call to her family. This Government must begin to take its responsibilities serious by taking actions that will safeguard the lives, properties and economic wellbeing of the nation and not continue to reduce itself to a bully!

Ayo Fadaka
Zonal Publicity Secretary 
South West.

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