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Elizabeth Warren Calls For 25th Amendment Against President Trump

The Senator from Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren is calling on President Donald Trump’s cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove him.

This is coming after an op-ed piece on the New York Times with an anonymous writer. New Times alleged that due to the content of the piece, the anonymous writer might be Vice-President Mike Pence described as a senior official in the administration.

I am part of the resistance inside the Trump administration.” The piece, written by an unnamed senior official at the White House, claimed the President was “amoral,” “anti-democratic” and that much of senior officials’ job is to work against the President’s agenda. One of the most shocking claims in the piece was that, at one point, members of his cabinet reportedly considered invoking the 25th Amendment but decided against it to avoid a “constitutional crisis.” (Time).

The piece was published on Wednesday.


The 25th Amendment is a failsafe that was ratified in 1967 for a situation when the President is seen as unfit to discharge his duties as President. The 25th Amendment states that if the majority of cabinet and the Vice-President agree that the President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

According to Sen. Warren, “Every minute they make excuses is a minute that our country is at risk.”

“Let’s be clear: We already have a constitutional crisis if the cabinet believes the President of the United States can’t do his job and then refuses to follow the rules that have been laid down in the Constitution. They can’t have it both ways.”

She continued on the statement that appeared on her website, “If senior officials believe the president is unfit, they should stop hiding behind anonymous op-eds and leaking information to Bob Woodward boasting that they’re trying to save our country, and instead do what the Constitution demands they do: invoke the 25th Amendment and remove this president from office.”

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