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#NigeriaDecides2019 Elections and Football

These elections will be said to be one of the toughest and most unexpected in the entire history of Nigeria and Nigerians and foreigners will continue to write about it until the end of times. No matter what you say about this, no matter how you see this, no matter which side you are on, Nigeria will continue to win and win and win and continue to win against the forces of hell in high places. I truly love Nigeria for this and for the first time, I feel we have had truly free, credible and fair elections in the history of Nigeria.

What else is there to expect of a nation that has elected the most multi-partisan election in the history of Nigeria. What then is remaining, what then do we have to show, what then will the world speak about Nigeria, what then will be said of the interesting patterns that have played out in the history of this country. For 2019, this is the most amazing year ever and Nigeria is grateful for all that has played out today.

From the presidency to the senatorial elections, to the House to the state house and to the governorship except the local government that is yet to be decentralized, history has been made today. I love my country and I think you should too, I think you should understand that all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to his purpose. This election in so many ways have proved that Nigeria is a nation to be reckoned with; it has proved that this nation will rise and rise until the end of times and no matter the misgivings and contradictions we have won will continue to win and win and overcome the odds that try to pull us down.


This is Nigeria and it belongs to all of us. This is the country that will continue to dominate the world. We will lead Africa, we will lead nations, we will lead the world and the world power status of our country cannot be measured yet. This is Nigeria. The country that has climbed, overcome and continues to overcome the world in so many ways despite the fraud that is the Nigerian media and fake news.


I love my country and I will continue to do so, in so many ways and the world will continue to trust us to proffer the many solutions that is needed to fulfill the destiny of all.

This is Nigeria and we are here to stay as one Indivisible Country under God.


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