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Download Ekwueme by Prosper Ochimana Ft. Osinachi Nwachukwu

I was privileged to be an event where Mrs Osinachi Nwachukwu came and she rounded up the event with this song. It has been there but yesterday was more intimate than ever. Ekwueme by Prosper is a piece that even God would love.

He who says it and does it; the integrity of God and His Word has never been broken for all generations. He has been the same in fulfilling His Word.

Ekwueme and the in-depth of worship, the description of God in it is powerful.

Hope You enjoy it. Listen and Download below.


From their Album There is more, New Wine is a good piece. Remaining connected to God is a guaranty for New Ine and a New flow of grace in whatever you do.

The flow is elastic and once you remain connected there is always something new. The New Wine of creativity, solutions in business, ideas, the way out of that obstacle and challenge. God cannot run out of meeting the needs or challenges of the world He created so long as there are people waiting to Connect and Remain connected.

Download New Wine by Hillsong (MP3)

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