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Education Degree from Free Online Universities

A New thread from Bren who is well-known for sharing scholarship, education degree (s) and opportunities, online learning resources and opportunities across the globe.

Full credit goes to her. See thread for free online universities by Bren.

Education Degree (s) for free online

  1. At Patten University, we believe that everyone should be able to get a quality university education. We are committed to making higher education accessible and affordable to all, no matter their age, location, ethnicity or financial situation.

Education Degree

  1. World Education University (WEU, pronounced We-You) is the next generation of higher education. Our academic team delivers high-quality online courses and degree programs to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Choose a Course & Start Learning Today for FREE http://www.kreo.biz/home
  2. The Open University’s range of online degrees allow you to learn a subject in depth, have the flexibility to fit your studies around your working life, enjoy top class teaching and benefit from the convenience that comes with studying online. Education degree.



  1. UoPeople Our mission is to ensure that no student will be denied the right to access higher education due to financial constraints. We provide the opportunity to receive an online degree completely tuition-free!


  1. Saylor Academy @saylordotorg FREE, MODERN CERTIFICATES Get a convenient, innovative digital certificate to show what you know EARN TUITION-FREE COLLEGE CREDIT Credit from 30+ courses transferable to dozens of partner universities.
  2. New Charter University https://www.edu New Charter University (NCU) is an accredited online university that allows students to complete their degree programs virtually. SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE.
  3. New York University of Business and Technologies is a leading non-profit online university, offering a tuition-free higher education degree.




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We made out time to interview the founder Khan Foundation that is empowering young children and giving them an opportunity at a good education in the rural and slum areas of Lagos state. After asking some questions, Mr. Awhinahi Joseph gave us an interesting expose on his initiative at contributing his quota in nation building without waiting for the government. You can read below.

  • Can we meet you, Mr. Tega and know who and what you are?

Hi, My name is Tega, I’m a development project manager. I like to sometimes call myself an architect in diaspora because I’m not so much into architectural practice.

  • Tell us what the name and vision of your work is.


Khan Foundation:Time Out With Awhinawhi T. Joseph

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