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Covenant University Accounts for 40 percent of Top Authors from Nigerian Varsities

Rising World-Class institution Covenant University continues to blaze the trails as the number of research-based work from it increases.

Based on an Elsevier SciVal report, Covenant now accounts for 40 percent of 20 Top Authors in Nigerian Universities.

The report was released after an assessment of 500 authors in Nigeria from 2013 to 2018 and it ranked scholars according to their number of publications.

The Professors who made this list among others are; Professor Sanjay Misra, Dr Ojo Fayomi and Professor Cleophas Loto.

For Top 20 Authors Click Here 

Credit: CU Website



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A New thread for you and full credit to Author, Kpaxs

Don’t believe in magical solutions. We dream of elevators while trudging upstairs. We need to enjoy the climb, realize that we’ve arrived at the right floor, or move to another building.

Do not underestimate the role of fatigue. Basic rule: when you are tired, you will make mistakes. Get some serious sleep.

Avoid vexatious people. This comes from a line in Desiderata and it is dead-on. The haters and trolls are not worth your time.

Slow down to appreciate the nature of your work and to enhance its quality. It is far more refreshing to be a craftsman than an assembly line worker.

Lessons from Foolishness by @Kpaxs


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