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Corruption Is a Function of Poverty -Kingsley Moghalu On Sky News

Former CBN Deputy Governor and 2019 Presidential candidate Prof. Kingsley Moghalu was interviewed on Sky News, in the UK by Ian King.

In the interview, he shared his ideas on how he will lead Nigeria as President. According to Prof. Moghalu, the first thing he will do is to understand why the Nigerian economy has failed Nigerians.

“One of the major things I am going to do is to move away from dependence on oil and move the economy towards innovation.”

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He also reiterated his campaign promise of introducing a Venture Capitalist fund “that is going to fund small businesses and stimulate the economy.”

On the issue of corruption on whether it is driven by chronic capitalism, Moghalu said: “it is partly chronic capitalism but corruption is a function of poverty.”

“And when people see that the value systems have collapsed and the political leaders are corrupt and there is a tendency to follow in their example.”

He added that corruption is also a global problem. Video Interview can be found HERE



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58 Revolutionary Quotes by Che Guevara


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Nigeria was indeed a very wicked and corrupt country in spite of the glorious image given her in the European press. We know why Nigeria was given that image. It was her reward for serving the economic and political interests of her European masters. Nigeria is a stooge of Europe. Her independence was and is a lie. Even her Prime Minister was a Knight of the British Empire! But worse than her total subservience to foreign political and economic interests, Nigeria committed many crimes against her nationals which in the end made complete nonsense of her claim to unity.



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