With complete credence to the government of the All Progressive Congress led by President Muhammadu Buhari, corruption and the fight against it has become more of a household name and a common verbiage for the Nigerian public. In fact, any issue of the economy, business, and politics including delays are attributed to being a way to checkmate corruption. An interview with the Federal Minister of Agriculture, Chief Audu Ogbeh had him say that delays in the agricultural revolution are to avoid breaking the law, misappropriation and of course corruption charges.

Corruption (kwarapshion) has become the mainstay of the government of President Buhari and the media is being used to project it like no other time in our national history. Social media has become the prosecutors, judge and analysts of the burdens of corruption and financial looting in our country. Everyone is talking, people are venting, and supporters of the government are helping massage the ego of the government when in so many ways we are actually causing more damage for our country and posterity.

Of all the different corruption cases and allegations that have been brought up front, not many have been prosecuted or any consequence of possessing inexplainable funds. The recent being those Madam Diezani Alison-Madueke, a former ex-Minister of Petroleum in the last administration. Many revelations are coming out of her possessions at home, abroad and inter-continentally. Videos on social media are being used to explain them and this is doing a good job in doing different things; incite the public for good or bad, to give the government of the day credence for working and equally make them feel good for social media commendation. Diezani and all others have not been prosecuted, she is abroad and we are here running corruption clips on her and in the midst of all these, our economy is still in recession, slow growth, we are in August and no project for this fiscal year has been awarded yet that of 2016 rounded off in June.

The resultant effect of all these is that more people are hungry, suffering and frustrated yet our government is showcasing stolen wealth to a hungry people. Why then are we bothered that there is an increase in various crimes including those of people like Evans the kidnapper? It is this same frustration that makes people not to give a hoot about any law or initiatives including those of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the UN community. A man who is frustrated and tired of taking sachet (pure) water doesn’t care about anything on stare down pollution or protecting the environment.

We are recovering funds yet students are at home when they should be in school, the doctors lament of low remuneration and almost every sector has one major issue that makes it perform below 50 percent or near optimal level. Yet in all these, the government is telling us that monies are being recovered and found in buildings.

It baffles me to think that politicians and those in government feel okay when there is the pressure to deliver in a system that has been programmed to fail meaning more pressures for them, high-blood pressure, sleepless nights and incessant calls of bad news and emergency. Is that normal at all?

For the sake of the future and posterity, the government needs to make adjustments in not just checking financial corruption but building our value systems, methods of reward and remuneration (because it is a major reason for the frustration to take to crime).

  • While the government is happy showcasing their achievement of recovering assets and funds with prosecuting anyone, we are having different young people angry, sad, and hungry and waiting to steal theirs when the opportunity comes. Is the future not even scarier?
  • Many people don’t have the discipline, perseverance to endure hardship without taking to crime or compromising to make money in whichever way possible. What can be given for money is given.
  • Innocent children who suffer in penury are seeing it as the normal and just like the youth of today were called, they are still addressed as leaders of tomorrow when their mates are already developing games and millionaires from it.
  • The rest of the world is going to space while we are yet to understand the basic of electric power generation.
  • Nigeria has been building on the premise of misplaced priorities, a building, and nation-state that is being piloted on very wrong foundation, set of rules and constitution that is anti-people. When a constitution does not encourage the creativity of individuals and states, then we will keep making slow progress and retrogress more.

The Energy of our Youth

With all sense of non-segregationist assertion against anyone young person out there working hard to feed and build something, I can say that our young population are a rare breed in Africa and the world stage. We wrote a piece on how this country is one of Compromise economy and how people can do and undo to make money including breaking principles and standards. Not everyone can withstand the harshness of the Nigerian ecosystem of both business, politics, work and innovation. All these are equally as a result of the system that has a history of dysfunction and working far from optimal level.

On this day, 12th August 2017 the International Youth Day that has been tagged as Youth for Peace, young people are admonished for embrace peace in various media or engagements they are in involved in. Thank God for those who are privileged to attend today’s events, to share thoughts and a part of the international community. They are educated yet with the different knowledge level of comprehending societal issues, so, they can be a lesser threat; but those who are denied many things basic are the ones on the streets, involved in petty crimes, frustrated by bosses where they work as cleaners or other unskilled jobs. As much as I embrace peace, as much as I want us to grow steadily and love each other in Nigeria, it is better addressing it from another perspective briefly.

  1. It will be futile to keep pushing for peace or for the youths to be at bay when conditions for peaceful living are not being implemented.
  2. We can’t have leaders who are enriching their cronies, encouraging nepotism and denying others with the skills and competence the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
  3. You don’t enforce peace to be rather you create conditions for it to come to existence.

We all crave for peace but this peace must be made to favour all and sundry, this peace must be natural and acceptable to all, not just a few. Until we all are at peace, then no one is actually at peace.

Happy International Youth Day 2017!

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