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Comedian Deeone Drops a Video Prone to Clapback

One of the emerging top comedians for this generation Deeone has dropped another video that will surely have young Nigerians come for him.

As one in the entertainment industry and with the interest of young Nigerians about what celebrities say, this video has created some engagement on Instagram and Twitter.

See video below and the replies after.

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Zic 🇳🇬 on Twitter

A Condom could have prevented this🤦‍♂️💔….One word for this guy pls🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ https://t.co/IiAEKlxK7K

Igwe & Sons Ltd on Twitter

@ZicDaRealest https://t.co/c4JWeuoGfW

💏Uncle💏Ezrel💏 on Twitter

@ZicDaRealest Sarcasm: is a language used to confuse stupid ppl. If u don’t know he is being sarcastic, then u are stupid!

Freelancing TÖks™ ♠ on Twitter

@ezrelaja @ZicDaRealest Everything is now being thrown on the ‘sarcasm’ wagon. Mtcheew

Muna🤓 on Twitter

@ZicDaRealest @Airvhard_Lussy This one village people don finally get am

Daniel Kwukenkwu on Twitter

@kimakudis @3rd_fantasy @ZicDaRealest @Airvhard_Lussy e reach to cry for. Now his destiny has been ruined in total darkness

Muna🤓 on Twitter

@ApaokuezeDaniel @kimakudis @ZicDaRealest @Airvhard_Lussy Pele…. Your cry wee make me start crying again 😭😭😭😭😭😭

slim_jyde on Twitter

@ZicDaRealest Someone dah cannot adjust his polo very well…how d u want him to adjust his brain

Fidelis on Twitter

@ZicDaRealest Constant light would have prevented this, wen his daddy and mummy were supposed to be watching TV, they were in the oda room and boom this guy was produced

More to come…


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