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CJN Directs Magistrates to Visit Police Stations Periodically

The Chief of Justice of Nigeria Walter Onnoghen has issued a directive to Magistrate Courts to visit police stations at least once in a month.

The purpose of such visits is to check and address the inordinate arrest and detention of Nigerians in various police cells.

The memo to this effect can be found below;


Nobel Laureate and author Prof. Wole Soyinka spoke at the 67th World Congress of International Press Institute (IPI) that was held in Abuja, Nigeria for the very first time.

It was hosted and organized by the Federal Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism and Wole Soyinka responded on a number of issues ranging from President Olusegun Obasanjo, Sani Abacha, Press freedom and President Muhammadu Buhari who he called a born-again democrat.

According to him, President Buhari after arresting journalists have equally been the first to host such a conference that focuses on free press and journalism.

“The timing is remarkable in the sense that IPI is being hosted by a nation whose current President, Muhammadu Buhari, is somebody I refer to as born-again Democrat.”

“Not so long ago, as a military leader, he came out openly that he will tamper with the press freedom and he matched his words with deeds.”

“He jailed a couple of journalists for sticking to the ethics of their profession.”

“Here you are today, that same president is now actually trying very hard and most successfully to respect the freedom of expression. “It goes to show that all is not lost in this nation.”

Prof Soyinka while speaking about the polity described former President Olusegun Obasanjo as a hypocritical leader.

“I have brought out a publication which title is in Latin but it means “Who watches the Watchmen”.

“That publication is coming out simply because I will like to see new blood in government in this nation.”

“I think this corrupt and hypocritical geriatrics should stop recycling themselves.”

“They should stop trying to co-opt their former cronies to take over the reins of governance in this country.”

“On July 4 at Freedom Park in Lagos, the pamphlet will be unveiled and will confront Obasanjo with his crimes of the past which incidentally are not being newly articulated.”

“I say again that people are their own greatest enemies because they forget very fast. Obasanjo is the greatest hypocritical leader this nation has ever produced,” he said.

Wole Soyinka equally weighed in on late Nigerian President Sani Abacha saying if people honour a world-acclaimed dictator then he must criticize him and whoever bestowed such honour on him.


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