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China Bans Harmful Apps in School Campuses

The Chinese government has asked all school authorities at all levels monitor daily the applications used by students to ensure they are in accordance with the China Education Ministry standards.

Some of the apps contain pornography, violence, online games, commercial advertisements as well as those that violate education rules, the ministry told Xinhua. Negative content can impact the physical and psychological health and education of students.

This was contained in a notice by the education ministry in China general office stating that content, links, functions and information security of apps should be strictly reviewed and filed to higher education authorities for approval.

China Ministry of Education is asking schools using apps to increase the course load for students and educational apps used on campus are not allowed to charge students. Information should be protected and privacy leaks should be prevented.

Apps that are not filed for record and approved by education authorities are forbidden to be used by schools, the notice said.

It also required regular checking of changes and updates of apps in order to deal with harmful information in a timely manner. Schools and teachers should not release grades and ranks of students through apps, it said.

Credit: Xinhua

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Nigeria’s challenges are not about her citizens, the nature of our character, our climate, land or geographical topography because we are blessed with no challenges of volcanos, earthquakes and other hazardous natural disasters. The flooding experienced recently is a global climate change problem which we can handle and manage if the leadership really were proactive. Beyond the notion that our leaders don’t come up with ideas, programs and initiatives to solve real problems, alleviate poverty, create equitable wealth and bring prosperity of the mind, soul and spirit, there is more to their failure.

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