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Short Video Documentary: 13.2 Million Children Out of School -UNICEF

The number of out of school children increased from 10 million to over 13 million based on a recent UNICEF report.

The Voice of America did a documentary about this for about 2 minutes. You can see below.

Children, children and our children; please save our children. I never knew I was going to share this truth that I discovered about children this early but the happening of this time has necessitated it. There is a mystery about children, not just because they are children per or because they are tender and need to respect the older generation but because there is something unique and better about succeeding generations to come and unborn. Every generation is always succeeded by a generation that is greater in the deposit of talents, abilities, grace and impact. This equally means that the challenges they will face will be far greater than the previous or passing generation; so that their greater talents and abilities can go to work.

Life is made for progress; people don’t become short, people don’t grow younger, inventions exist for improvement, innovation exists because things need to get better and easier. Failing to understand this means that such a society will never reach her true potentials. Likewise, the coming of generations; people born in the same times, people who share the same classrooms, who grow old together; every new one should be better than the last.

Despite the challenges of life, the terrific economy, the hardship and the falling from grace to grass, life is basically made for progress. Circumstances do not determine the validity of a truth that has been longstanding for many generations.

Here is a quick disclaimer before you continue reading; “Sustainable wealth (in the entertainment industry) or what we call blow does not come overnight or by making a debut single and it becomes an instant hit. A single that makes a hit will have many studio sessions of practice and honing your skills, sleepless nights and burning studio midnight candles. So, Growth is better than Blow”.

I saw the need to write the piece because of the many young people who desire a break in the entertainment industry today but going about it the wrong way. This entertainment industry is the biggest in Nigeria and Africa and today and they do well in entertaining us that are in the other sectors that seem tough. When you come back to see Hustle every night with boo you know that they are clearly doing many things right.

Also, recently many music artists have been beefing each other over who has experienced sustained relevance and fame or not. 2baba, Blackface, Timaya being proud of Patoranking and more. I got to find out that Timaya was the shoulder on which Patoranking took off and after seeing Timaya’s video addressing Idris Abdulkareem I concluded that he can be accessed. People like 2baba and Don Jazzy have equally proved that they don’t carry escorts around or cannot be accessed if you truly want to.

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