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[:en]Download Changer by Esther Osaji (MP3)[:]

[:en]God changes and can change anything, any situation but in His faithfulness, He is the Changer who remains unchanged. He doesn’t change in the greatness of His Power.

In this song Changer, Esther captures the person of Jehovah. A truly worship piece to extol and magnify the One and only True God. Changer is a good one. Download MP3 below;


Download Here

No matter the decadence and the altitude of the altars of corruption in the African continent, I am too sure and highly optimistic that the future holds something better and sustainable for our Nations. Evil can only prevail for a while and the events of today is a fight between light and darkness and the obvious will always happen. Africa as a continent is passing through tough times today, we are the ones that all the aids come to, and we are the victims of ethnic wars and violence but all these are happening so that as a continent we would have a story to tell. A story of independence, of hope, one that led us through trial times, in disagreement with one another until we get to one of prosperity for posterity. It will be on record that we survived the toughest and fiercest level of violence. It will also prove that we have been able to develop political structures and systems that can’t be found anywhere in the world. For instance, Nigeria will be proud to say they developed and built a democracy that now accommodates over 400 ethnic groups equally, with a collective goal and vision. (Next Generation).



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