In his determined quest to win the ongoing Code of Conduct Tribunal against him for alleged false declaration of assets, the Senate President Bukola Saraki has brought in experts from the U. S and Israel to work with his legal team led by Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN).

These experts are not lawyers but experts in forensics, investigators and handwriting specialists charged with a mandate to provide information about witnesses brought to the tribunal by the prosecution.

A source in the Senate said the information discovered by the experts will be used to make a defense for the Senate President at the tribunal.

“The investigators will ferret out and scrutinize thoroughly, all available information on the eight prosecution witnesses, including their school records, service records from the past and present, places of employment and personal information that may help the defence team in the course of the trial.”

“Most of those so-called witnesses will not be credible when information concerning their life is presented publicly before the tribunal.”

“It is also expected that with the fear that the prosecution may present forged documents, our team needs to be vigilant and pro-active considering the manner in which the proceedings before the tribunal is being conducted.”

“Our people believe that with the way properties that have nothing to do with Saraki are being put on the charge sheet, there is the suspicion that the documents to sustain their claims may have been forged.”

“All these, the experts will screen and help the lawyers with information that may help them,” he explained.
The list of witnesses lined up against Saraki are said to be officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) Plc”

Meanwhile the Senate Committee Chairman on Niger Delta affairs has said that the People’s Democratic Party would reject moves by the All Progressives Congress to produce another Senate President if Bukola Saraki loses in the CCT.

He said: “Well, I wish APC the best of luck if they are making that wild goose chase. But I want you to mark what I am saying. I was the first to address the press in Port Harcourt and I told them that Saraki was going to win the Senate presidency and I gave them my reasons.”

“Then, nobody ever thought that Saraki was going to win. People were saying that APC had decided. But it was clear to me that he was going to win and I had to address the press.”

“I said Saraki was going to win and that he was going to get my vote. Eventually, we went there, he won. If, but God forbids, because we don’t see it coming, by chance Saraki is removed, I can tell you that PDP will produce the next Senate President.”

“We only need three APC senators and we have them. The calculation is very clear to me. The calculation is very clear for PDP. We know what it would take us.”

“When I told them that Saraki was going to win, I did a lot of mathematical calculations based on the facts on the ground and it is even clearer to me now that the PDP will win it. We will win it.”

“If anybody is thinking that a PDP man is going to vote against a PDP candidate, he is telling you a lie. We have people and we know how to get the people from APC. We will win and that will be very interesting.”

“What is happening in America is going to happen in Nigeria. America has a Republican Senate but the executive is led by a Democrat, so it’s happening in different parts of the world. I can tell you with what’s on the ground that we will produce the next Senate President.”


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