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Cattle Colony: Nigeria In Need of More Colonies

Nigerians keep suffering and dying while our government keeps giving us excuses that are maiden to Nigeria's political history. For the purpose of this piece (which I planned would be sarcastic), I will delve into this Cattle Colony which is generated a tension that seems like the days of War

It is indeed saddening how I am no longer surprised about what news comes out of Nigeria or what the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari decides to offer us every week. No week goes by without a news or event or one statement by the many confused aides in Aso Rock that will anger citizens and trend for many weeks and months. The New Year 2018 did not create any better Aso Rock, however, the drama has increased, the jokes have gotten funnier and in all these Nigerians keep suffering and dying while our government keeps giving us excuses that are maiden to Nigeria’s political history. For the purpose of this piece (which I planned would be sarcastic), I will delve into this Cattle Colony which is generated a tension that seems like the days of the Nigeria-Biafra War.

The apprehensions are grave, scary and we are no longer safe in our borders as clearly and by design, everything in Nigeria is programmed to kill citizens. Shithole is an underestimated to describe the Nigeria of today and there is no greater act of patriotism than admitting the realities and the nature of this shit hole of a country called Nigeria. Thanks to President Trump; whether he said so or not he did well by awakening us and revealing the realities that we hypocritically don’t want to accept. President Buhari and his cabinet think that the best way to end the Fulani Cattle herdsmen menace is to create colonies for people who don’t value the rights of others while carrying out their businesses. They don’t value lives an a House of Representative member stood in our chambers to say that God created the Fulani herdsmen to value their cattle more than human lives. Good Lord, Is this True?

It will interest you to know that Cattle Colony is only used to describe a place in Pakistan which happens to be the only place in the world where such term is being practised under the sun.

Now, in this time of our national political history, President Buhari and his team think that they can provide cattle colonies for people have a record to be the deadliest group in Nigeria after Boko Haram. Mind you they are doing their businesses like any other Nigerian but have equally taken the liberty to take lives while pursuing their business diligently across the length and breadth of Nigeria. Without wasting much of your time, let’s us tell President Buhari the many other colonies he will need to set up across Nigeria.

  1. Architecture and Construction Colony (I am an architect so I will need to protect my industry) just like the Cattle Colony for herdsmen.
  2. Something similar to a Silicon Valley for the many thriving and struggling tech businesses who will need expansion or better put Tech colony.
  3. Service Colony for the many people that render various services to Nigerians
  4. Industrial colony for many people like Innoson and the Dangotes who need to explore the many natural resources that the government has refused to tap into.
  5. Traders colony for buyers and sellers, the Onitsha and Ariaria boys who hustle hard to make a good living in Nigeria.
  6. Artisans colony for those who are struggling to get jobs and who offer great services to high and middle-income Nigerians. They need support too and a colony is a perfect idea.
  7. Student colony to support students who need internship programs and job experiences whether as primary, secondary or tertiary institutions. They need to be made ready for the world of work and government can set up these colonies to help them get on-hand experience.
  8. Market women’s colony. These women add great value to the economy of Nigeria and need the support of a particular colony that will serve them better. And as the age, they can have the luxury of living close to these colonies as well. Isn’t it a great idea?
  9. Then we need a farmers colony; Mr President you understand that they have gone through a lot and they equally need to be compensated for their loss and they form a part of your major economic program to grow what we eat and the agrarian revolution.
  10. We equally need the public or civil servants colony. These ones help drive the activities of government institutions and you cannot afford to leave them out. Definitely not. They will need special treatment so that the setting up of other colonies can be equally successful.
  11. Entertainment colonies/Nollywood colonies: These ones have added immense value to Nigeria and they contributed to Nigeria leading as the largest economy in Nigeria some 3 years ago. They practically support the government in making Nigerians when government fails all the time and they are not even Commissioner for Happiness. Give them a Colony sir.
  12. For all economic colonies. This will include every business sector that was not listed above but still contribute to the wealth and the GDP of Nigeria. They deserve their colonies as Nigerians.

So if what is good for the herdsmen is the cattle colony as private businesses, then every sector deserves the same right to own something similar to the cattle colony with respect to their various businesses.

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