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2019: Change, President Buhari and Early Gratification

The thought of President Muhammadu Buhari running for office comes with a lot of rage and anger from those who do not understand why he should be re-elected in 2019. After he won the 2015 general elections on the platform of change, many Nigerians believed that things will turn in one term or night but too understood this. he was recorded as telling Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo that the thing chanting Sai Baba on the street thing that as he comes things will get better and that is a mentality that comes with the poverty of the mind. A social media influence Chidi said it this way that things will get tough for Nigerians to start enjoying the leadership and change that he (President Buhari) promised and this is four years almost and many do not still understand.

Nigerians generally are known for early gratification; in life, business, politics, religion and otherwise. Other nations like Singapore went through hard times of living in fear as the British army was leaving South East Asia, America fought a civil war and many countries had to go through a phase of bloodletting, killings and paying the price of freedom ultimately. The loss of jobs; the economy, the siege of violence, the Boko Haram incursion is not to be blamed on anyone but on us as Nigerians. We all are affected and the rules of life recognize that this is a Nigerian problem.

Studying history all these were the creation of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and in 16 years nothing was done to address rising poverty for instance. Nigeria had 112 million poor while earning so much from oil revenues and relative peace. Today, the reverse is the case as oil prices dropped, violence created in the Niger Delta reduced oil production (though handled by the administration) and poverty being addressed everyday by this government. Nigeria is experiencing something that has never occurred in 16 years since PDP took the saddle of Nigeria’s leadership in Nigeria. Yes, we overtook India in poverty but that country is now a major tech hub and that started many years ago. The programme to develop their country was not started in 2015 or even 1999 and same as China and many countries of the world. Such programs start yielding benefits when it is run for at least 5 years and for Nigeria we have many sabotaging the efforts of government.

I am writing this article because I realized this early and the nature of political sabotage can get to the point of killing people and anyone desperate or seeking power can do and undo. Propaganda, killings, lies and more can be used to deceive the electorates to get to their moments where all was roses. The social investment programmes of the President Buhari administration which involves the conditional transfer of funds like the 10,000 naira covers a lot more. The School Feeding programme will help these traders not to think about the food of their children. Imagine if they take some home; the 10,000 will be used in their businesses and they have to repay in order to take more home. Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo elaborated on this while speaking on the Candidates show by Kadaria Ahmed.

President Muhammadu Buhari on the Almajiri schools said that it was in the jurisdiction of the Local governments to build local schools despite being a programme for northern children on the streets. It is left for the Local governments in Kano and Kaduna to approach the FG to assist with it. On the issue of herdsmen crisis, he said that there are demarcations that have been or maps for grazing corridors and farming areas but this has been abused. It has been since the 1960s and it was done to accommodate the clashes of eating the veggies by the cattle and leading to eventual killings. He spoke on climate change being the cause of the movement and added humorously that they cannot jump into the Atlantic after getting Bayelsa but must return and remain there as Nigerians. If I am to judge the President based on that interview and other issues that have been shielded from us and the media; then he has my vote.

President Buhari for the first time has reduced the sharing of funds during the elections and the parties are handling their expenses and the fight against corruption is very clearly demonstrated. These recovered funds both in hard currencies will be used by the administration to develop more infrastructure and programmes of the government. All the unfinished infrastructure he is completing them because they are Nigerian projects and not for PDP or APC. So if a party takes more credit that seems more partisan than Nigerian then they are not doing you a favour but lying to you. The projects were done by Nigerians, our wealth, taxes and collectives risk. Yemi Osinbajo also said this in the Candidates NG interview.

While Atiku Abubakar is from the PDP, he also has a history with them and we cannot forget that in hurry from Obasanjo to the others flocking around them. Why has everything changed suddenly in one meeting held in Ota farms formerly known as Operation Feed the Nation; a retirement package by the visionary and former Head of State of Nigeria.

I have never been more proud of any Nigerian leader after Murtala Muhammed as I am of President Muhammadu Buhari as he battles with his ill health to stir the saddle of the Nigerian State. You will be healed Mr. President and after the elections on February 16 and when you win; your health will be restored fully. Let me add that President Buhari has spoken more than he did in 2015 on the campaign train.

We are grateful for your service to our country and you and your family are worthy of our appreciation.

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