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Black Panther Hits a US Box Office Milestone

Blockbuster Movie Black Panther has after six months hit a new box office milestone by crossing $700 million in sales over the weekend in North America.

It will be the third movie to reach this historic milestone. Even though it is now available on home platforms like Blu-ray and DVD since May, Black Panther is still being played in theatres.

A report by Forbes shows that it grossed $12,000 on Thursday from 15 screens, $16,0000 on Friday from 25 screens which made it possible for it to hit the $700 million club.

In February when it was released in theatres, Black Panther opened at $242 million in the first four days of celebrating Presidents Day.

Since then it has made over $1 billion worldwide.

The other movies that made it to $700 million in US Boz office are;

  1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (2015); Domestic total: $936,662,225, Worldwide: $2,068,223,624.
  2. Avatar (2009); Domestic total: $760,507,625, Worldwide: $2,787,965,087.
  3. Black Panther (2018); Domestic: $700,004,026, Worldwide sales: $1,346,678,277.

Credit: Business Insider

black panther

Kenneth Okonkwo Comes for Ex-presidential Aide

Obasanjo Still Maintains His Position on Atiku Presidency

In his statement, Bolaji Abdullahi cited “the flagrant usurpation of my role as the spokesman of the party in a manner that I consider unbefitting of a ruling party and inconsistent with my ethical standards.”

He continued, “However, in a situation whereby my loyalty is constantly brought into question; my subordinates deployed to subvert my office; and my views constantly second-guessed on the basis of my political affiliation, it has become imperative for me to review my position.”

APC National Publicity Secretary, Bolaji Abdullahi Resigns (Full Statement)

In the last one and half years, there have been discussions, engagements and debates on why Nigerian youths need to be in politics. While the last generation or passing generation of leaders have failed us in delivering good leadership, young people who are largely affected are angry to get involved and cause the changes they want. With the President Buhari’s government still struggling to offer the change they promised or move away from the norm of governance and politics, this same clamour for young people have gotten stronger. The many errors of the government have caused unemployment, death and suffering on Nigerians but more importantly, it has made citizens particularly the young millennials very angry. The awareness of government and governance has increased.

Youths in Politics: A Lesson from Frank Nweke II and Bolaji Abdullahi

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