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Believe: You Will Not Escape Greatness – @Segalink

Segalink has become a household name for many; an influencer per excellence and with the recent overhaul SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad), he has proved what power social media can do. If you like call it wailing, it worked.

We have something from him; a short thread. Be Inspired and Keep grinding. According to him;

If you are following this handle, you can’t escape Greatness. You will surely Manifest.

For those who didn’t get this the first time, I didn’t say God Bless you because we are already blessed. God never starts a thing until He has first finished it. God is not in the business of blessing people because it was done before we were formed. I’m addressing your awareness

If you’re a beneficiary of a trust that U knew nothing about, U may be under the bridge not knowing what you are sitting on. There was a certain entertainer who upon arrival in Lagos was sleeping under the bridge, until he discovered his gifts & developed skills to harness it.

Never let anyone talk you down. Believe in yourself and develop anything that you do that makes you happy. It doesn’t have to make you money in the immediate provided it makes others around you treasure you. Devote time to that activity and soon the world will know your name.

In a few days, many of you will testify. While others will shine so bright in that activity that you thought was worthless. The world is indeed waiting for us all. Nigerians are significant in that globally 1 in 45 people is a Nigerian. We are uniquely gifted and being studied now

Business Disruption Model by Dr @MuyiwaOludayo

Stop seeking shortcuts. You have it in you already. All you need is a push and you are receiving it now. Don’t Compare yourself to anyone. No one is running the same track as you. Yours may be 100m dash while the man you envy may be 400m stretch. Be aware. Believe. Have faith.

I don’t know who this is for. It is very unusual of me. But receive it all the same just as I will. The miraculous is the kindergarten stage of faith because greater works lies within our being as corroborated by the divine words in the Bible. See you at the top. No Tithes needed.

Credit: Awosanya ‘@segalink’ Segun

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