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#BBNaijaReloaded: On Tobi and Alex

Another season of Big Brother is about to start and one thing is sure, the organizers are raking in some good money each time a new season comes. With the BBNaijaReloaded being played and the turnout and revelations and many issues about the Housemates are becoming clearer.

This shows that bringing different people from various backgrounds to relate, commune and use the same household items is a lot of work. Not everyone will have the emotional intelligence and will to understand, tolerate and give in to the BS from others. Despite being in the same age bracket, the work is enormous for each of them to adapt quickly.

Fortunately, most of them had and maximize the opportunity to learn from how to deal with people but in this case in one house/home. Bitto said he has learnt to respect spaces after trying to be the peacemaker for peered individuals. Outside and in unpredictable situations, it will be tough and difficult to try or not to try and be what he (they) was in the house. The rest housemates have proved that they were mature and had good experiences (good or bad) that is now helping them in business and real-life situations.


For Tobi and Alex, the case is different. Two supposed adults that still have wrapped around what they did in or outside the house. Tobi had to apologize for leaving their WhatsApp group after hearing the importance of such a group them as a team pursuing their goals and other benefits. Alex is still trying to grow up, understand life before trying to live the life she wants and craves. These two folks are like a king that forcibly accepted the mandate of leadership before they were prepared for it. From the display at the AMVCA (Africa Movies Viewers Choice Awards) while presenting award to the display on Instagram accounts, to the BBNaijaReloaded with Ebuka asking the right questions as well.

Cee Cee is actually being herself and her professional upbringing. A lawyer never try to lose (not have the final say) in intellectual engagements. It is rare. She is obviously smart, learned, experienced life more than Tobi and those she interacted in and outside the Big Brother House. Her points were valid and Tobi was at the receiving end of the intellectual force of a female lawyer.

Tobi and Alex need to work on the character of people who have sane and crazy fans and equally perfect how to handle controversies. Even the Instagram page cannot be enough. There are people whose ends when they come offline or leave their online presence. What they write is not a clear representation of what and how they can be when you meet them in person.


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