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Who Doesn’t Have a Backup Plan in Nigeria?

I don’t know where you are reading this article from but if you are in Nigeria and well aware of what has been happening since the last recession we entered into, you can agree that there is an uncertainty siege in the land. With a population that is overblowing without a record of the numbers to security crisis that has become a daily affair to predictions from the IMF and the World about our doom’s day, Nigerians have lost a sense of belonging and citizenship. The last elections were proof that many have lost hope in the entire process of elections and prefer to lead private lives, raise a family and see where posterity will take them.

While the country looks like it is sinking in the midst of various uncertainties that the government should be able to control but lost control over, Nigerians have resorted to having back up plans for their survival in life. From the recent pictures that surfaced online of politicians sending their wards abroad to the exodus of people out of this country, it is all proof that Nigeria is not a state that you can rely all your plans on for yourself and loved ones.

Those who have the means now go the extra length to give birth to their children abroad so that citizenship of those countries like the US and UK can be guaranteed to them. The green passport is longer something to be proud of not only by foreigners but by citizens who no longer see a reason to keep believing that “e go better” (it will be better for the country). Some others send their wards to foreign universities whether for first degrees or post-graduate degree with the hope that they can start living there and gain some grounds to be called citizens in that foreign land.

Nigerians who have the means are known for the proliferation of visas and each country’s visa has its  benefits; some for childbirth, some for education, some for emergency health situations, some for when the country decides to go to a war that will leave everyone threatened and some for tourism and to go and see the world. We have all the visas for different purposes in our lives so that when the chips are down; we know which country will be good for asylum or for what purposes.


For those who cannot afford to live the country, their backup plans is within the country. Many middle-class Nigerians believe that this country will one day face a contention that the centre will no longer hold. Each region, state, tribe or what divisions we choose will go their separate ways and many people are ready for such by creating a stronghold back home and sinking in investments where they call ancestral homes.

At the end of the day, if you look closely you will realize that Nigerians have lost trust in the fabric of this state called Nigeria. To them, the fabric has been strained for too long, it has survived the fire, the burning down of villages, the insecurity, the corruption, the killings and one day it will cave and shred into pieces. The interesting part of this reality is that those in government choose not to see this but the day they leave government, the scales will drop from their eyes. Nigeria is no longer the plan A or B or C for many of her citizens and if it will ever be possible, we will have a complete drain in our human resources that only the worst of us will be left to remain. Allegiance to the country has become nought that everyone is now making way for those that have family ties with them and truly matter in their family tree.

The pursuit of life, liberty and happiness is no longer found in Nigeria for most people, hence the backup plans found in other nations.

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