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Obasanjo, Buhari, Atiku and the Bridge to the Next Generation

Like I always say and as many are aware Nigeria is at the threshold of history. We are at a point where we need to take a decision either for or against Nigeria based on facts and figures without sentiments. Sentiments did not save us from a civil war, the many unrests we have, Boko Haram, recession, farmers-herder’s violence and more. 2019 is about Nigeria and every player, contestant and citizen has an equal stake in this project. From Atiku to Buhari to the rest; Nigeria needs to move beyond primordial endeavours to the high callings of service, duty and a good cause for Nigeria. There is also a generational shift in the mantle of our nation’s leadership; the ground is shifting from an older generation of Obasanjo, Buhari and Atiku to one that might not be ready to take on the mantle of Nigeria’s daunting leadership.

In this piece, I will like to highlight what the nature of the past under the old leaders were. Nigeria in 1999 was faced with battered institutions, a lack of rules and regulations and an almost unruly society. Those years, people could do things that are not part of any Nigerian law and that automatically makes it right. There are no consequences attached to this. There have been allegations about how Atiku Abubakar is corrupt and we making reference to the United States when the US does not make our law as a sovereign nation under God. His case in the US also not been proved by their Judicial system. It will interest you based on the laws then, based on the works to building institutions that generation was unruly, corrupt before they started work on creating the frameworks of institution building. They had to do what was not consequential then to make money legally right.

From Obasanjo to Buhari, Atiku and those who are in their generation; all are guilty of wealth gotten without consequence to the means of getting it. However, today we are calling it corruption (of the past) when there was nothing wrong in doing that as it is today. If anyone must be probed or described as being corrupt then all of them are guilty, Obasanjo, Buhari and Atiku. The real question should be who was able to add value with the money he amassed while in government in the past? Obasanjo built the farms, university, library; Buhari we are told has 7 domestic staff and 150 cows; while Atiku has a university, manufacturing, bottled water, port business, farming and much more. Many wonder why Atiku has so much money; if he amassed wealth when the dollar was low will it still be the same if it was not worked on and invested? NO! Atiku has been able to create wealth that comes in daily, adds value daily, empower children, youths and women in so many ways.

Nigeria 2019 is about progress, it is about economic empowerment, it is about wealth creation, corruption money can be gathered by EFCC but if it is presided over by one who cannot create wealth; recession is what you get. President Buhari has proved that he cannot preside over on economic matters and does not also have the capacity to assemble a team good enough to solve our challenges in Nigeria. Wealth will not come under him. Nepotism and Cronyism, corruption will go deeper in this government while the EFCC runs after political opponents without cause while the government stinks like the depths of hell.

2019 is about who can lead us speedily out the present mess of intense world poverty into wealth built on hardwork and favourable system that encourages it.  

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