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The Architecture of Nigeria’s Revolution

Nigeria's revolution has become a matter of life and death, it has become one survival and you can describe it as dinosaur syndrome. If we don’t act, adapt, change and change things by influencing our habit (Nigeria), we will go into extinction; but God forbid.

Writing about Nigeria (Nigeria’s revolution) has been difficult in recent days, not because there aren’t things to write about (that’s in fact, the opposite) but because whatever one will write about is something we have been hearing on various platforms. Nigeria, I have realized is a déjà vu nation because our challenges have been with us and if you are to observe closely you will agree that most of them happen within a week. On strange and unfortunate weeks, you will find Rochas Okorocha pulling his stunt like 3 times in a month.

I chose this title (with the architecture) because first, I trained as an architect and still love the profession (but Nigeria is closed for young professionals) where the Hawks get all. However, I received the strength to write this article after hearing that the Chief of Staff of Imo State government, Uche Nwosu (brother-in-law to Rochas Okorocha) attended a funeral where the reverend father criticized the governor and his security aides came at but the mob attacked them. No details on that yet.

So, what do I mean by the architecture of Nigeria’s revolution?

The architecture here has to do with the role everyone who truly desires change will play (same as the construction industry). Everyone has their part and everyone matters to the success of the project. Nigeria is a project like no other, very important to us, to Africa and to the world. Changing Nigeria is not a man’s job or a one man’s job. Yes, there have been situations where one man gets a vision for an entire nation but execution requires people and in this fight for the soul of Nigeria, this is what we need.

  • Creatives
  • Financial Giants
  • Activists
  • Soldiers
  • Changemakers and repairers



We need them more than ever right now; the writers, the tech people, the idealists, the innovators, inventors, and those who can draft documents, plans and paperwork required. They are more like the architects, who even though might not conceive the plan they will help to put everything together, cross the T’s and dot the I’s and present it for us to understand. They will be the creators of the template that we require to change this system called Nigeria before we all perish in it.

Financial Giants

Every act of revolution needs money and lots of it. The planning will need it, execution will, mobility will need and every other aspect will be driven by money. Money might be what the older generation might be robbing us but we need people who can raise it for a noble cause like delivering Nigeria. They must be vicious in raising it and being accountable as well. Their accountability should be based on the fact that their lives equally depend on it, they must realize that it is key for our deliverance and survival.


These ones are bold enough to shut down the streets of major cities in Nigeria. We need them because they have words, power, energy and the passion to cause discomfort to their bodies for what they believe in. They are very critical because those in government fear and they command the respect of the public and labour union.

Soldiers for Nigeria’s Revolution

Now, this group inspired me to write when I thought about what happened in my home state of Imo yesterday (which I already narrated). Imagine if those aides to Uche Nwosu or the security aides decided to open fire on the mobs. These ones like every other group above deserve respect but soldiers stand a greater risk of losing their lives. They can afford to take up stones, Cutlass, and whatever against these bad leaders and are integral to this revolution. They make these evil men and women see the wrought they feel in their beds at night face to face. Rather than the dreams of death, the soldiers bring them to the gates of hell when their cars are mobbed and windscreens broken. Whether we like it or not, we need these ones for this fight.

Changemakers and repairers

After the battle (Nigeria’s Revolution), we then must proceed to win the war. The war of rebuilding Nigeria never ends and it must continue with people in government, businesses and various sectors. The entire work done above will not matter until we start correcting every wrong of the past years, of locusts and worms destroying the fibres of this nation. They must be ready to lead, they must understand our challenges, what the past meant and how to take us out of the woods. They must inspire us, they must heal with their words, and most importantly start changing the lives of Nigerians who have suffered long. They must consolidate on the struggles that we will come out of and do so with precision and clear understanding. No guesswork, no analyses for too long because we have all that in research papers. We simply need to go and dig up every academic research or otherwise and get to work. These ones will lead this last phase of the war (Nigeria,s Revolution).

Nigeria’s revolution has become a matter of life and death, it has become one survival and you can describe it as dinosaur syndrome. If we don’t act, adapt, change and change things by influencing our habit (Nigeria), we will go into extinction; but God forbid.

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