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Almajiri Schools: Governors Steal 75 % of UBEC Funds

Nigeria’s President and his Vice-President were on Kadaria Ahmed’s NgTheCandidates interview on NTA News which interviews the duo of every party’s Presidential Candidates or flagbearers and President Buhari came on with VP Osinbajo.

Among other questions asked was the issue of Almajiri schools which was started by the previous administration. The Almajiri school was started by President Goodluck Jonathan to reduce the out of school children in Northern Nigeria and the beggars on the streets which involves children too.

While answering the question, President Buhari said that his government looked at the responsibilities of state in education and when it comes to jurisdiction and the exclusive legislation list and found education to be the responsibility of the local government.

They also discovered that some states had governors giving only 25 percent of the UBEC funds to the Local Government chairmen while the remaining 75% was stolen or kept by the governors. In addressing this issue, the Vice-President added that the government used the Paris funds to pay for UBEC to boycott the governors. So that challenge or stealing the 75% was solved.

Many more issues were addressed In that three hour long Interview.

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