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Air Namibia Named Second Best Airline In Africa

Skytrax has named Air Namibia as the second best airline within the African region.

This will be the third time they will be bagging this award.

The Skytrax World Airlines Awards is seen to be prestigious and highly regarded in the airline industry. They are also reckoned to be the benchmark for airline excellence in the world.

Part of their Award and rating strategy is from passenger appraisal and survey as they travel the world.

In response to this feat by Air Namibia the corporate communications manager, Mr. Paul Nakawa said, “it is an honour to receive recognition from our clients via a world-renowned independent survey. This acknowledgment encourages and drives us to do more by improving our operations. As Air Namibia, our main area of focus is ensuring that we meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. This award is an acknowledgment of the fact that we are on the right track.”

“Being the runner-up in this competition for regional airlines in Africa is great, but we won’t rest until we are awarded the top spot. After all, service is the only differentiator in this industry”, he added.

Paul Nakawa also thanked their customers who make Air Namibia as their choice airline.

“We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the travelers who participated in the survey and encourage more travelers to fly with Air Namibia. We pledge to continue improving our service standards to ensure that clients get quality and value for their money”, he noted.

Ethiopia Air has maintained the top position in the last three years.



Air Namibia as of February 2017 has 692 employees and goes to 18 destinations.

From6: The Company that Branded Nigeria Air


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