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AFCON Qualifier: Nigeria’s Super Eagles Defeat Libya

The Super Eagles of Nigeria of defeated Libya in a return leg match by 3 goals to 2. The Super Eagles had their first goal at the 14th minute from Ighalo.

This was followed by a 16th-minute goal from Ahmed Musa.

The Libyan side equalized the two goals at the second-half. This was followed by a second goal from Ighalo.

Ighalo has scored five goals in the tournament against the Libyans with a hat trick scored in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria.

With this victory, the Super Eagles (9 points) of Nigeria top the Group table, following by South Africa, Libya and Seychelles.


If anyone tells you that the Nigeria of today under President Muhammadu Buhari is at its best or has made significant improvement since he took office in 2015 then such a person either paid to talk and support the government, ignorant or does not understand what truly is the responsibility of the government to him or her. No matter the level of progress this government might think they have made in tackling corruption, one thing is clear; they have done so to the detriment and negligence of areas that matter most. (Nigeria’s Constitution)

Beyond the polarization that the President has caused from just the words he speaks or his body language or the unfortunate things that his media aides say; there are even graver concerns that such statements and gestures have caused. Nigeria like any other nation is a nation of laws. We have a constitution (though not perfect) but there are fundamental rights, understanding and basic things that cannot be taken away from running this country. There are non-negotiable demands from any government including the one being presided over by President Muhammadu Buhari and he has proved not to understand it despite his utterances of being a converted democrat some years 3 years ago.

Has President Buhari Read Nigeria’s Constitution?


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