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A Short Pedigree of Peter Obi -@CChukudebelu

A short thread by the one and only Onye Nkuzi on Twitter a political and economic historian. Read and share. This is about 2019 Presidential candidate with focus on Peter Obi.

Peter Obi is the PDP Vice-Presidential candidate for 2019 general elections.

I am going to focus a bit on Peter Obi today. He’s not the typical Nigerian politician; he is understated – so he is relatively unknown by traditional “social media influencers” and the so-called “technocratic elite”; but he’s a very remarkable politician.In terms of pedigree, Peter graduated from the University of Nigeria (1984), started off in business (he’s never shied away from saying “I am a trader”), was chairman of Guardian Express Mortgage Bank and was the youngest ever chairman of Fidelity Bank PLC.In the wake of Mbadinuju’s disastrous rule, he went into politics. His campaign slogan was “are we cursed, or are we the cause”? It was pertinent; Anambra students missed a school year due to misrule & the state was in disarray – while so-called “leaders” fiddled.When he got into office, Anambra was in ruins (Chinua Achebe rejected a national honor in protest of what went on in Anambra State, and Abuja’s indifference). So he got to work. By the time he finished, Anambra led the nation in WAEC and NECO stores.But that wasn’t all he accomplished; he built the most extensive intra-state road network in the nation – and he was very prudent with resources; despite accomplishing this, he left a significant amount of money in the treasury and was adamant that Nigeria “saved for a rainy day”He also brought in significant foreign investment; the most interesting case is SAB Miller (“Hero Beer”) – SAB Miller is currently giving Nigerian Breweries a run for its money, and is currently building Nigeria’s biggest brewery in Ogun State.As SAB Miller’s Nigerian subsidiary makes money, so does Anambra State (as he ensured Anambra had a stake in the venture).

He’s also pragmatic. Dr. Okonjo-Iweala recalled discussing economics matters with him & him saying, “let’s get real, this what Onitsha traders are saying”.If you want a vice president who started off as a trader, who understands how traders make money – and how to help traders make more money, Peter Obi is your man.

But if you want a vice president who shares money in the market a few weeks to elections – you can vote someone else

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