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45 Million Naira: Adamu Garba II Seeks Support to Buy APC Form

As political parties prepare for their primaries, candidates have started purchasing forms for Expression of Interest and Nomination forms to contest in the 2019 general elections.

The two major political parties released the prices for their forms with the All Progressives Congress (APC) placing theirs at very high marks. The Presidential candidacy forms cost 45 million naira.

While there has been protest about especially with the recently Not Too Run to Run Act signed by President Buhari, Adamu Garba II who is running to be the APC Presidential flagbearer seeks the support of Nigerians to raise the fund required.

Mr. Adamu Garba II has been very vocal and confident in his ideas and he is one of the few people who will seek to get the APC ticket against President Muhammadu Buhari.

In his appeal Adamu Garba II said;

Since coming of age, I love my country & hope for it’s greatness. Now at 36, I did everything to work for it. I’ve used my money, time, energy & effort to formulate pathway to it’s greatness. I’m at a point where i can’t do it alone. We’ve to do it together. I need your support.

From the start of this campaign last year till date, 95% of funding the came from me, in order the advance the cause of greatness of our country, Nigeria. I have no intention of stepping down for anyone, I planned to win for us. I need your support, let’s do this together.

I planned to win for the people of Benue, the people of Zamfara, the people Birnin Gwari, the people of Anambra, the people of Borno and all the people of Nigeria going through dificulties of life. I planned to win for those out of school innocent children. I cant do this alone.

I planned to win against poverty, joblessness, desperation, and against blood. I planned to build a country where God’s given rights of Liberty, Life, and Pursuit of Happiness is within the grasp of each one of us. A country, of peace & prosperity for all. I can’t do this alone.

I planned to build a country where neither North nor South nor East nor West nor Christain nor Muslim dominates the other, BUT Nigerians. A country where no reason for Boko Haram, IPOB, OPC, MEND, Herdsmen/Farmers, Bandits etc, a reconciled united Nigeria. I can’t do this alone.

I need your support to raise fund for this movement. I assure you we’ll do this together. Imagine your effort assisting a young boy from the humble beginning challenging the sitting President under a ruling party, at 36, armed with far better plans. This is a New Nigerian story.

On our website, you can donate on this link: https://www.adamugarba.org/#support  Or you can transfer to a Zenith Bank Current account number 1004777084. We’ve to buy the form, we have to move around the country to campaign. This is our movement, don’t leave me alone cos I can’t do this alone

I know we love Nigeria and crave for her greatness. I offered my self to drive this journey to the greatness of Nigeria as tabled at http://www.adamugarba.org . Know that no matter the value of your donation. We’re both doing it for our country & our future. I’ll never let you down.


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