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2019: Daura Trekking and the Race for Presidential Fitness

In celebration of the Eid-Mubarak in his hometown of Daura, President Muhammadu Buhari decided to trek 800m and his handlers used it as an avenue for being fit for office.

In less than 24 hours as Nigerians are digesting this, Atiku Abubakar released a picture of him walking out with a tweeting of walking and working.

Now, Yele Sowore has added his own on running a marathon for 4 hours. What this means is that more candidates men and women, sound and unsound will post pictures of their workout sessions.

Isn’t Nigeria a great country?

Interestingly, Nigeria has lost just two Presidents, Head of State or Prime Minister due to ill health since we had our Independence in 1960, Sani Abacha and Umar Yar’Adua. Interestingly too, Nigeria experienced the best economic growth under Sani Abacha and major reforms in government, reduction fuel price, land reforms, electoral reforms were started by Umar Musa Yar’adua, Nigeria lost competent and upright man in him.

What is being health? My erudite physical education teacher described it as being in good state of mind, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and otherwise. We have only been shown physical fitness on sweaty bodies who we are not sure are truly healthy. How do you ascertain these things from pictures?How does someone on twitter or Facebook believe that either President Buhari, Atiku or Sowore and those who will post later are healthy?

I am waiting to see those who will post their level IQ and maybe their emotional intelligence as well. How sane they can be under difficult times and conditions, how angry they can get at corruption and more.

We are yet to see a comprehensive discussion about our challenges. The issues are before every Nigerian but they choose to show us their sweaty bodies in joggers and agbada. There is no debate on how we can move forward, people are still speaking from emotions, feelings, consulting with the gods, and throwing tantrums at each other.

Nigerians have become really a description of poor intelligence for Presidential Candidates to be dramatically playing any kind of movie for the media to enlarge, screen and magnify for us. In other words,

“Are you not entertained???? “

Also, doesn’t physical fitness also involve the fitness for “Mekwe”? Just asking.

This article was sent in by Adeola A. Johnson and the views expressed above are his/hers and not those of the Eureka Posts.

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