In a recent brief discussion I had with a senior acquaintance and school mate of mine, where I sought for his advice regarding one who is interested in venturing into the Nigerian politics. In his response he advised the person joined a political party first and learn the rudiments on how the game is played. He further took the liberty to share that he was waiting for the end of 2015 general elections, so he can pitch his tent appropriately.

These statements really stroke a cord in me. In an another encounter I had the privilege of attending an event of young professionals that was graced by the President and other government officials. There I saw over 1000 young people who perhaps have some interest in the murky politics of our Nation Nigeria.

The politics and democracy over the years have been characterised by old time players or what you can tag as gerontocracy i.e. a government run by elders or the elderly. The same faces and characters have dominated the polity of this Nation and year in year out they all are being recycled. The system does not encourage the mentoring of young leaders, if not in recent times. The population of the Nation at present is made up of a huge population of young men and women  born in 70s and 80s. Is a teeming population of creative minds, nation builders, activists, technocrats, professionals and a lot more. This is a new generation of technology, social media and a new order of activism that the world is new to.

They are angry, grieved, and if care is not taken we might experience a rare kind of revolution. As a country we are at a watershed in history as we try to build a strong and viable nation. 2015 general elections would be a determinant of so many things to come; one of which is the political process and orientation.

I do have this strong feeling that post 2015 elections would be characterised by a huge induction of many young people into various political parties. Many will be pitching their tents and start laying a foundation for their political career. They will start politicking, attending meetings, get appointments in government and make contacts to also build upon. Since the advent of social media activism by some people, I have been of the opinion that online interaction won’t do much in making sure things are done right, yes you might have ideas but a twitter timeline won’t bring it to fruition. Active participation in the political process is key.


Time to leave that comfort zone of tweeting has come and I believe 2015 will have so many war lords on social media joining parties and probably plan to run for office come 2019. This particular year (2019) I know will bring in a lot of new breeds and players in the political arena.

There is a passing generation and the new generation is getting set to occupy as much as possible. It will be a period of celebrating heroes and statesmen and women and one to usher in a new breed of Nation builders who hopefully would do a better work in taking us further to our promised land.

Nation building doesn’t happen in 15 years of democracy and obviously we have had some improvement in those years. The challenges of the future will be greater than the past ones. The new generation must understand this and endeavour to do more work in salvaging our Nation. The ball is about to be released to a new generation and they must play it well enough if we are to take our place in history. History is being made but we must not repeat the mistakes of history in our time.

God bless Nigeria!

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